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Our customers often call or email for asking some similar questions about our products "Lanyard" when they are purchasing them. In order to save your precious time and help you to learn more information about our products, we neaten a list of frequent questions for your reference. Welcome you to make a further enquiry if you have any more.



Q: 1。  I'm interested in lanyards but I don't know where to begin? 
A:  That is easy.First, pick a lanyard style from our list which appeals to you most. Once you find the style you are looking for, determine the size of your lanyard. We have standard sizes for your reference: 1" , 3/4" , 5/8" , 1/2" , 3/8" , 1/4". Then, select a PMS color for your lanyard and logos. Finally, select your accessory and attachments and your lanyard is all set!

Q: 1.  我对挂带非常有爱好,可是我不晓道怎样开始? 
A:  这非常简单,您只需要从我们的产品列表中选中你所喜欢的款式,并告诉我们您所需要的尺寸。一般我们的标准尺寸有1" ,3/4" ,5/8" ,1/2" ,3/8" ,1/4,等。然后,请选折您所需要的挂带和LOGO颜色PANTONE色号,最后您再挑选挂带所需要的配件即可。
Q:  2.  What if I don't have an artwork? 
A:  If you don’t have an artwork, it’s not a problem. If you cant meet our requirements for an acceptable electronic file, you can probably ask the person who created your logo for one and have it emailed to us.You may also send us a scanned or a photo copy of your artwork not less than 1200dpi or at least 1:1 from the actual size. As a last resort, we may be able to help you create your artwork at no extra charge.

Q: 2.  如果我不会设计怎么办? 
A:  如果您没有LOGO的设计图,没问题,您只需要提供给我们一个清楚的电子文档LOGO图片给我们, 或者您可以以邮件的形式给我们扫描给我们LOGO图片的幅本,文件不能低于1200DPI,或者至少是1:1图片文件。
Q:  3。  What if I want a specific color match imprinted on my lanyard?
A:  We offer the closest match to "PMS" color number for each special color in the artwork. PMS stands for Pantone Matching System. For more information on the Pantone Matching System click into Pantone Color Code.If you require embroidered logos, we can dye a thread to closely match your PMS color. A sample will be sent for you to approve your "sew-out".

Q: 3。  如果我想把图片印刷来挂带上怎么办? 
A:  我们的挂带产品能最大限度的匹配PMS 色,在所有的LOGO印刷颜色中。了解更多的关于Pantone 色卡的信息,请点击 潘通色卡电子版 。如果您想要提花LOGO,我们也能根据您想要的颜色的色号染色来匹配PANTONE 色卡,当然,我们也会在样品提花的样品出来之前给您样品确认。
Q:  4.  What graphic file should I send?
A:  Acceptable Files must be in PC Formats or PDF Formats . Art files must be created in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator 9.0, CorelDraw or lesser versions. We encourage you to provide not less than 1:1 actual size of the artwork.

Q: 4.  我们应该提供哪种文件格式? 
A:  可接受的文件格式是PC格式或PDF格式。文档图片必须要是Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator 9.0, CorelDraw或这稍低的版本,我们建议您所提供的图片大小不小于1:1
Q:  5.  What must I provide to place an order/inquiry?
Placing your order has never been easier. All we need is your artwork, the PMS colors for both the lanyard and the logos, quantity of your order/inquiry, and the accessories/attachments.

Q: 5.  在订单或者是询价中,我们必须提供哪些相关信息? 
A:  如果您想下一个订单或是一个询价,我们需要挂带和LOGO的PANTONE 色号,数量,和订单要求的所有配件。
Q:  6.  What is your Minimum Order Quantity or MOQ of lanyards?
A:  Each lanyard has a corresponding MOQ, pls refer to them. Normally, silk-screen imprinted lanyards has an MOQ of 500pcs and Woven lanyards has an MOQ of 500pcs. However, we accept below MOQ orders for a corresponding set-up charge.

Q: 6.  订单的一般起订量是多少? 
A:  每种不同的产品有不同的起订数量,请参考以下基本的最低起订量的信息:普通丝印:500条,提花带:500条。另外, 我们也接受低于最低起订量单,但那样就会产生一些额外的费用,如样版费用。
Q:  7.  Can I use a credit card to settle my account?
A: As for the moment, we dont accept credit cards. However, we are going to make this available soon. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact our lanyards department asap. We are very much eager to hear from you.

Q: 7.  我能用信用卡付款吗? 
A:  目前,我们不接受信用卡的付款,我们正在尝试建立这样的付款机制,如果您有任何这方面的问题,请联系我门的业务部门,我们热切的欢迎您解决您的疑问。
Q:  8。  Where do I send my artwork?
A: E-mail it to our e-mail box (yt01@cksoft001.com) or mail to: No. 23, Dongcheng Rd, Yongning, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China(Zip:528415)

Q: 8.  我应该把LOGO文件发来哪里? 
A:  请发邮件来yt01@cksoft001.com或邮寄来中国广东中山市小榄镇东成路23号 中山市怡通织带有限公司
Q:  9。  My question is not here, who do I contact?
A: Mail it to:The Sales Manager
       Tel to:+86-760-22281375
       Fax to:+86-760-22283075
       Your Question will definitely be answered within 1 working day!Thank you very much!    

Q: 9.  我有另外的问题,我应该联系谁? 
A:  请联系我们的业务经理,

 If you have any other questions, feel free to contact our lanyards department asap. We are very much eager to hear from you.


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